Oregon Wine Board Website

Unless you recently arrived to Oregon from a small colony in the South Pacific, you probably know that Oregon has some of the richest wine-growing regions in the world, most famous for it's Pinot Noir. In recent years, Oregon wines have taken a world stage and even rivaled the French for a better quality Pinot.

To support the burgeoning industry, we helped the Oregon Wine Board  launch a new e-campaign including new Interactive tools, and a new website. In 2007, we helped design and build the new Oregon Wine Board website, www.oregonwine.org. The new site has been heralded as one of the best wine websites in the world, top of it's class.

In addition to fresh, vibrant creative design, the new website features a number robust Interactive database tools. These include an Interactive wine finder - type in any wine characteristic, and visitors can locate a regional, Oregon-specific wine recommendation.  And for wine growers, we helped developed the Grape Matching Service. This is a streamlined eBay-like system for buying and selling grapes between growers and wineries. The website also allows searching Oregon's wine country by region, as well as numerous other tools and features.

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