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Get attention! Tell your story! Inspire your audience to action! Remember... you only have 6 seconds to make an impression.

Your success depends on inspiring people to action. To do that, you must convince them of your credibility, value, and worthiness. If you look professional, polished and brand - appropriate, your customers will take you seriously. For this reason, a well designed logo and brand materials are the most important investment you can make. If your logo looks like it was designed by a high-school student, you can imagine the impression your customers will have about your business.

Some companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on a company logo, and more. You may not need to spend this much. But consider the time and deep level of professional experience required to undertand your marketing demographic, the psychology of your buyer, the meanings and response characteristics of different color and shapes. After these basics are established, consider the time and skill necessary to design a mark that captivates your audience, says something about your quality, and gives people a warm comfortable feeling about buying from you. This is a VERY tall order! But when done properly, it will repay you a thousand times over.

Sync Interactive, Inc. has brand design experts that can help you take your business concept off the launch pad into a full blown brand package:

  • Logo, Business cards, Letterhead
  • Brochures, mailers, fliers
  • Storefront signs, tabletops, product packaging
  • Online identity design, landing pages, and e-Advertisements


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"Design is a plan for action."